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Sparky is a tool for everyday work. It is a coach in an individual's pocket and a real-time view of the team's well-being and performance.

Sparky's learning environments support the utilization of knowledge and guide the right kind of action at the individual, team and supervisor level. 


"This is a tool that you don't have to figure out what to do with it."

- Sari Vainikkala, Head of Employee Wellbeing, People & Culture, ISS Finland.

Sparky App
A coach in your pocket

Sparky App is a personal self-knowledge learning environment for developing your own work well-being and performance. 

It brings the user closer to himself, makes the essential visible, increases self-knowledge, guides evaluation and insight, and helps to act. Easily, reliably and nimbly.

"Sparky stops me, helps me to reflect and directs to the right action. So it helps me to know myself and work for the best of my team." Sparky User 


Evaluate, follow the trend and reflect.


Review, discuss and decide on measures - together.

Sparky Web
More together

Sparky web is a joint learning environment for the team and the leader. It helps to see and understand the overall picture of work well-being and performance, creates a common language, develops interaction and increases co-management. The team and leader get a real-time picture of how they are doing as a team, what needs to be discussed together and what needs to be done about things. At the same time, the organization's management gets a real-time view of the state of their most important resource.

"Sparky makes it possible to take care of well-being at work no longer at the level of talk." Sparky user 

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