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Every exhausted employee is a tragedy and a loss to the organization.

A healthy person is pleasant as a colleague and many times more productive than when he is tired or exhausted. ​

Managing people's well-being and performance in a sustainable way is demanding. The new requirements of working life and the rapid pace of change challenge the tried-and-tested methods of management. Poorly trained managers and supervisors show symptoms in the face of excessive expectations placed on them. A solution to this has been hoped for through self- and joint guidance, but how to get people to take more responsibility for themselves and others?​

Sparky brings a simple solution to this. By asking just one question, it guides you to focus on what is essential. Do you dare not ask?

Sparky's story

We are development professionals. Our team has long and extensive experience in developing organizations and work communities. We have often ended up coaching teams that are in really bad shape. These are long-lasting, painful and expensive processes.  

We wanted to proactively seize situations and even subtle hints - to help stop in time and identify the essential factors behind work well-being and performance that can be influenced. In this case, good things can be achieved with even small changes, before the problems pile up like a snowball effect. 

For anticipation, prevention and initiative, we created Sparky as an everyday tool, so that we can make the state of work well-being and performance visible - in real time. We have been using the underlying method more than ten years, with thousands of people. In 2020, we realized our long-simmering dream of making it digitally available to everyone and building a comprehensive service package around it to ensure effectiveness and results.  


Together with our customers and partners, we have developed Sparky as a tool for the individual, team, team leaders and the management of the organization for continuous improvement of productive work well-being and sustainable performance. 

Sparky definition



1. emitting or producing Sparks
2. animated; lively: a Sparky personality: a nickname for someone who is lively and animated
3. energetic, clever and enjoyable to be with

Strong scientific background


Emotions as an engine of performance and well-being

Emotions have been studied a lot in the context of well-being and performance. Emotional state has been researched to have an impact on an individual's well-being and performance.

Sparky uses emotions to identify an individual's state of well-being and performance by making it visible in which area of performance and well-being the individual making the assessments is.

Factors behind work engagement

In the background of productive well-being at work and sustainable performance, there are common factors that can be influenced to enable work engagement.


In other words, studies by the Institute of Occupational Health and Google's Aristotle study show how crucial the work's resource factors, psychological safety and the individual's own activity are in the development of both the employee's and the work community's well-being and performance.

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