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Do you know how your team is doing?

Sparky shows you how your team is doing and why, and how to manage it. We make the state of your team's well-being and performance visible by asking just one question. The result is a real-time, reliable situational picture with background factors at both individual and team level.

Sparky is both a tool and a service that helps generate productive work well-being and sustainable performance. Our coaches responsible for the service are experienced professionals in individual and team coaching and management development. They ensure the efficient implementation of Sparky and, if necessary, are supportive in changing everyday situations.

Sparky brings benefits to everyone

Individual receives immediate feedback on his own state of well-being and performance with detailed instructions. He is able to examine the changes in his own condition and background factors over time. By using Sparky, the user's self-knowledge deepens and emotional skills develop, enabling better self-management.​

Team get a common language and perspective as the basis for the well-being and performance discussion, as well as new, shared expertise. With the use of Sparky, the discussion in the team becomes more active and deepens, psychological safety increases, mutual trust is strengthened, and joint maneuverability develops.​

Team leader gets a whole new management dimension. The real-time information produced by Sparky, combined with the specific support provided by our service, develops the competence of the leader in the coaching leadership of teams and individuals and enables proactive leadership.​

The management of the organization gets a view of the status of the most important resource of his organization and the effectiveness of the development measures targeted at it. 

This is how Sparky works


A shared real-time snapshot of work well-being and performance

The use of Sparky generates an individual-oriented, real-time and reliable snapshot of the work community's well-being and performance. This situational picture and information about the influencing factors behind it enable an overall understanding of the current situation and create a basis for a joint discussion.


Momentum - Readiness for change

The individual's self-knowledge deepens and at the same time his readiness to be a responsible and active actor is strengthened. With Sparky, the communication skills that develop and the psychological safety of the team enable the emergence of issues that are essential for both work well-being and performance. For the supervisor, Sparky brings a clear framework, new know-how and tools to grow and develop as a leader of people.


Change in operations

The development of a supervisor's coaching leadership approach releases hidden potential in the work community at the individual and team level. Individuals grow into active actors and team members who produce added value. Decisions and measures are taken in teams that develop employee and customer experience as well as productivity. 



The result is a working community that knows how to maintain and strengthen productive work well-being and sustainable performance in the short and long term. This manifests itself in better business results, measured by e.g. employee experience, staff retention, occupational well-being, psychological safety, employer image, customer experience and productivity. 

Team leader

Sparky helps us see the forest for the trees.
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